Sudanese Women Change Makers Podcast

In this podcast we talk with women leaders of resistance, women artists, politicians and human rights defenders. We explore their personal journeys, their inspirational work and their dreams for Sudan and Sudanese women future. We shed the light on women opinions and evaluation of the transitional period in Sudan, and delve into the aftermath of the coup since October 205th, 2021.

  • First episode introduction with Dr Sara Abaljalil 

In this first episode of the Sudanese Women Frontliners Podcast we are exploring the Journey of Dr. Sara Abdelgalil, she is former president of Sudanese doctors union in UK and former spokeswoman of the Sudanese Professional Association. She was the face of the SPA during the first days of the revolution. We discussed with her her journey and journey of Sudan from revolution to transition to military. 

  • Second episode with Dr. Sara. 

In the second episode with Dr Sara Abaljalil, we continue to discuss the situation of women rights and the violations of the coup, ww are looking into the future of Sudan amid this crisis. 

Third episode with Kholood Khair. 

In this  episode we are having interesting conversation with Kholood Khair, she is political analyst, and adviser on Sudan politics and economics. We are asking Kholood all yhe tough questions about Sudan transition, military coup and how we ended up here. 

Forth episode with Kholood Khair 

In this episode we will take the conversation into the current status of the resistance. How ressitence committees are leading the popular movement and how Kholood sees the way forward for Sudan Crisis.

Fifth episode with Lana Haron

In this episode we will talk to Lana Haron, Lana is an artist and engineer, she is well known photographer her photo of the Kandaka the Sudanese woman on the top of the car reading a poem during Khartoum sit in, became an icon for Sudan revolution and women leadership ifnthe revolution. In this conversation will talk about her experience with capturing this historical moment and her visions, dreams and thoughts in Sudan present and future.