This study has been conducted in response to the process of peace making in Sudan since 2019. The purpose of the study is to survey women opinions from conflict areas about their demands and needs from the ongoing peace process. The views of the women surveyed were collected in the period between August to October 2021. But the study publication was put on hold due to the October 25th, 2021, military coup and the mass violations followed the attack on the transitional process in Sudan.

The women surveyed in this study are coming from the three areas of conflicts in Sudan, Darfur, Nuba mountains and Blue Nile. The women social, economic and their experiences with war are similar in different aspects. We have surveyed 640 women and held discussion sessions with participation of another 75 women from conflict regions. These women had been through the hardships of war and survived the impact of the conflicts without any support from the government. Most of the women interviewed were working and head of their families. The women answered our questions below were given the space to share their feelings and narrate their experiences. We have published direct quates from our interviews and survey questions to ensure that the voices of those women who spoke to us are heard.