This report is the third report in out Sudanese Rights Monitor newsletter. We monitor the situation of women and human rights in Sudan to shed the light on the struggle of women for, equality, freedom, and democracy. Women led the resistance against the former regime of Omer Albashir until the fall of the Islamic dictatorship On April 2019. During two years of transitional government Sudanese women led the civic struggle for democratic change. On October 25th, 2021, a military coup ended the transitional period. For the last six months Sudanese women took streets to defend the dreams of democracy and freedom.

This report covers the period from March to April 2022. We documented the violations against women protesters, including arrests, injuries, and sexual violence. The report highlighted the economic and humanitarian situation in conflict areas and in the country in general. This report was produced under constant risks for our team on the ground.

Thousands of Sudanese women protesters lead the resistance on streets around Sudan. The process of transition in Sudan was interrupted by the military coup, which is closing the civic space for women rights defenders and prodemocracy groups since October 2021.

The coup leaders are using increasing violence against women protesters, including arrests, fabricated charges, direct lethal violence in protests, and sexual violence. There is 3 women detained in Sudan now, tow women lost their eyes during protests, while dozens injured. The civic space is shrinking across Sudan, where human rights groups and WHRDs are not able to work freely and safely. Surveillance on internet, communication, movement, and offices of many groups led them to work from underground. The economic conditions and the fragile political situation is increasing women insecurity, as the peace process failed to end violence conflict areas. Women in Sudan are living in constant fear of violence with growing threats of the collapse of the state.